A Look From The 70 & 80’s

This brightly designed room has a feel of the old days but with a modern day twist.  Back in the 70’s and 80’s homes had lots of bright colors and wallpaper themes to match were a must.  Everything from that era made a statement, like cubic rubric end tables or coffee tables with unusually shaped chairs which have found their way this modern day time … Continue reading A Look From The 70 & 80’s

Going for the Eclectic look

Taking your living room to another level here is a good example of making your room pop this bright orange-red couch with these awesome covered chairs which has matching pillows similar to the chair theme with wallpaper that Is a light lavender and then to top it off with box black lampshades and black and white rug.    Looks great and I can imagine the other … Continue reading Going for the Eclectic look

Decorating Idea for small living space

Making use of the space you have is challenging and takes a little bit of creative vision to actually put together something that fits your personality and that will work for you giving you what you need to be comfortable. This works well by using crates on the wall for shelving and then placing shelving on the opposite wall small but yet efficient couch with … Continue reading Decorating Idea for small living space